The New Realities of Wildfire

Prolonged and severe drought, increasing forest fuel loads, invasive species, consistent winds, dry-lightning, longer fire seasons, arson and new terrorism threats

Firewatch saves lives, property, and budget dollars.

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How Do We Start?

FireWatch systems can be designed, manufactured, calibrated, shipped and installed within 120 to 180 days or less from order.

FireWatch America and its partners can perform site, terrain and condition analysis to determine what sort of deployment you will need.

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How Can We Acquire FireWatch?

For less than the cost of funding a major wildfire suppression event, FireWatch can be put to work policing forest and rangelands as well as sensitive facilities, sites, bases and vulnerable WUI communities.

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Welcome to FireWatch America

Award-winning, state-of-the-art early wildfire detection technology is now ready for the United States and Canadian market

FireWatch, the 2012 winner of the Space Foundation's Hall of Fame Award for technology has partnered with FireWatch America, LLC to distribute early wildfire smoke detection technology here in North America.

This state-of-the-art, patented technology uses both an on-sight computer along with transmitted data to a control center as a two-step detection and analytic process. Moving in 10 degree increments, the sensor completes a 360 degree rotation every 8 to 12 minutes, during which it takes images, analyzes, and transmits those images back to the central secondary analysis. If possible fire events are detected, the system alerts fire authorities. Any suspected fire event creates a forensic digital record.

How Firewatch Control Centers Work

Multiple tiers of patented hardware and software technology of the FireWatch system has successfully been developed and deployed by DLR (Germany’s NASA) and its manufacturing partner IQ Wireless GmbH. Firewatch has now been successfully deployed in the USA.